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How small business can reduce operating costs with Windows VPS

February 12th, 2013 No comments

Chances are that as a business owner you must have already heard or read about VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting somewhere. If you have already opted for VPS hosting, you have already taken the first step towards efficient and optimum utilization of your business resources. If your business scale is small, this step becomes all the more pertinent. So, congratulations on making the first right choice. But, it doesn’t end here! Read on to know how choosing Windows VPS hosting can benefit your business and help reduce your costs.

Any business operating today strives towards maximum cost efficiency to increase

profit. This becomes increasingly important when a maximum sales ceiling is reached and the only way ahead is optimum resource utilisation. Windows VPS lets you do this by providing a mid-way between dedicated hosting and shared hosting. The core basis behind it is the Windows operating system loaded onto a virtual server – the foundation of VPS hosting. Bring widely acknowledged for its ease of use and stability, the Windows OS is less expensive and easier to manage. With dedicated resources, such as RAM, HDD, processor speed and bandwidth, the Windows operating system will provide your website with a stable foundation. You can choose to have full access for customising and monitoring your website or delegate the tasks to your web hosting provider. Windows VPS is totally compatible with Microsoft’s Internet Information Service (IIS) – one of the most widely used web servers in the world. In combination with integrated support for ASP.NET framework, webmasters can execute all web-related assignment and install free applications with ease, ensuring you do not spend on paid apps for proprietary platforms. All your websites can now be run on the Windows VPS providing you with a centralised hosting and managing point for your business. Also, it helps save money otherwise invested into subscription of multiple hosting services. Windows being a widely used system offers distinct ease of management that anyone with a slight technical bent of mind can easily get used to.

Alternatively, you can use Windows cloud hosting for your website to ensure maximum availability and uptime. Hong Kong hosting providers tend to specialise in the provision of Windows VPS and Windows cloud hosting services.

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If you haven’t opted for it already, do not waste any more time; get Windows VPS today and enjoy the benefits of VPS hosting for all your business needs.

Linux VPS hosting or Windows VPS hosting

September 28th, 2012 No comments

Dedictaed servers have been known for providing maximum hosting capabilities, but lately the invasion of virtual private servers has made the abilities in terms of perfromance and power available at a cost that is a fraction of the cost for dedicated servers. There are a numerous firms that are providing necessary web hosting services and support for businesses of all sizes, as well as individuals when converting existing hosting plans from shared

platform to virtual private servers or from dedicated to a virtual hosting plan.

The vps plans come with an ease of a multitude number of plans and varying price points that suit your specific needs. Now before going for one its important to understand your online needs and determine the optimum resources to fulfil them. And remember for using a VPS service, you needn’t have to be technical savvy. The utilities are simple enough for anyone to start using the VPS services.

When it comes to decisions you have to make it in terms of service especially scale, server power and storage. Other than all of these one of the most critical deciding factor, perhaps the most important one is whether to opt for a Linux VPS hosting or a Windows VPS hosting. Each of the types of hosting is no less than the other, with each having it s own advantages and disadvantages. It s totally on you to decide which VPS offers the best for your needs in terms of cost, the resources and the services.

The general issues with Windows servers:

The Windows OS and the applications remain the largest players in almost every category. Most of the websites have a Windows architecture and that that makes it quite obvious that Windows VPS are popular as well. Besides Windows servers provide the best support for their own scripts such as ASP and ASP.NET. Along with this Windows provides much greater compatibility between its virtual servers and other popular web development applications such as in case of ColdFusion.

In contrast to the above, linux servers basically do not support ASP or ASP.NET. At times though hosting service providers advertise that their Linux servers do support Windows based applications they do so at the cost of reduced functionality. Additionally you may not be able to use Microsoft SQL Server databases or Access databases because both are products of Microsoft, and offer full access and manipulation on Microsoft Windows VPS hosting servers.

Economy and quality with Linux servers:

Linux servers offer advantages over Windows that for some users will surely outweigh the compatibility advantages discussed. A managed Linux VPS server makes more sense than the costly Windows server, if your website has not been designed yet and there are no existing Windows based architecture that you are using.

Linux hosting does not have the associated software and licensing costs that a Windows hosting and Windows based application has. Its open-source and from an initial investment standpoint, its basically free.

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open source, lower price, and with plenty of scripts available at very low or no cost, Linux VPS hosting can be a better alternative for start-up businesses and personal users.