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Advantages of VPN

May 6th, 2013 2 comments

Virtual Private Networks, commonly called as VPN is the

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facility that generates protection for the communication channels of an organization. It ensures proper security at affordable prices and also helps in increasing the overall performance of the organization. VPN can also help in providing access to the remote users.
A VPN server offers many advantages to the organization that can connect to the public network in a safe and secure way. These secure channels its users and devices to communicate securely. The channel that allows the VPN to work on almost any existing data service standard is known as the VPN Tunnel.
Many data transmission technologies support the VPN and this makes its operation smooth and flexible. The VPN server is compatible with most of the data transmission techniques which includes regular phone lines, cable lines, DSL, T1 lines as well as Wi-Fi. A strong VPN service hides the complexities related to the technology and the data backbone from the user. There are many factors that are used when selecting data transmission technologies for the VPN service. These factors are performance requirements of the organization, reliability of the technology being used and the price of the service.
The two main advantages that the Virtual Private Networks or VPN can provide are cost savings and scalability. Let us discuss how these advantages of VPN will prove helpful for your organization.

The Low Cost of a VPN
There are many ways to lower the costs that are incurred by the organization when using the VPN service. The long-distance leased lines are very expensive so VPN uses these leased lines for a short dedicated connection between the organization and the service provider. The VPN service provider could also use a local broadband connection like DSL service rather than using the local leased lines.
The long distance charges for remote access are quite high. VPN helps in reducing these costs by providing VPN clients with the facility to call the nearest service provider’s access point. This will not only give you the ability to use remote access service but will also let you to do long distance call at affordable prices.
VPN service is also beneficial to get rid of the support burden and giving users the benefit of lower costs. When you use VPN, its service provider is responsible for supporting the dial-up access rather than the organization. If you are directly using

the dial-up connection for your organization then it will surely cost you a lot but if you instead use it from the VPN service provider then it will be cost-effective for you.

Scalability and VPNs

The traditional leased lines are actually very low priced but as your organization will grow so will the price for the leased lines. In fact, the cost of leased lines will increase exponentially making it difficult for you. For instance, you will find that a company having two branch offices will need only one dedicated line for connecting two locations. Think that you have expanded your company to have one more branch office then you will need two more leased lines in order to connect to the earlier two branches. Similarly, four branch offices will need six leased lines for full connectivity while five offices need ten offices and so on. This dramatic increase in the need for leased lines causes a combinatorial explosion that can limit the flexibility for the growth of your organization. This issue is solved easily by using VPN which makes use of the Internet for providing the geographically distributed access to the users.

Our blog tells about the various benefits that can be achieved by using the VPN services for your organization. If you are looking forward to get more information about VPN then stay tuned in to our blog.

What is VPN?

April 30th, 2013 No comments

The Virtual Private Network (VPN) is nothing but a secure network that is created over a public network or a private network. The VPN server is mostly used by large corporations, educational institutions as well as government agencies. The VPN service enables the users to take advantage of the VPN technology that can be used to securely connect the remote users to a private network. Like Wide Area Network (WAN), the VPN also connects various sites over a large geographic area. So, if you are trying to extend your network worldwide then you can use VPN to expand your intranet. The VPN service can also be used in

educational institutions for connecting all the campuses around the world. The fact that a user needs to be authenticated to be able to access the private network makes for the strong VPN network. This security feature requires the user to have an authentication token for which a personal identification number (PIN) needs to be entered. The PIN spy gps cell phone tracker is an authentication code that changes frequently. Apart from PIN, VPN persuasive research essays on single parenting also gives the user with a unique identification and a password that enhances the security provided by the VPN server. These security tools help in protecting the virtual, private connections and the data that is stored

by the VPN host on the virtual server.

VPN is generally used for file sharing, video conferencing and many other network services. Even though VPN is used for long distance, these services are available at fairly cheaper rates. VPN can not only work on public network but it can also work on the private networks. VPN uses the tunneling method that requires the same hardware which is being used for the existing Intranet or Internet links. The VPN technologies support three different modes of use.

Internet VPNs for Remote Access

Currently, there is an ever-increasing need of employees to stay connected with their corporate offices. So, VPN gives remote and secure access to the companies through the Internet. This setup uses the client-server design to give access to the virtual server.

VPNs for Internetworking

VPN service not only provides remote access to the server but also lets an entire network to be connected to the other. The companies who are planning on extending their intranet can make use of this VPN feature. The VPN server to VPN server connection is used to bridge two networks together.

Intranet/Local Network VPNs

Sometimes VPN is needed to buy online essay control the access for individual mobile phone spy subnets in a private network. This is done by the VPN server which behaves like a network gateway to connect with the VPN clients.

We hope that our information helps you in clearing your doubts about the VPN service. You can stay tuned in to this section to know more about VPN.