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How should SME choose their VPS hosting?

November 28th, 2016 No comments

Facing the competitive market, more and more hosting companies launch cheap hosting, which seems the price is really low. However SME should be careful when they think they are reducing their cost with these cheap products, because most of them might not offer you the supports, as a result when there occurs issues then you need to pay more.


So how should SME choose their VPS hosting? SME should consider these four elements as below:


A stable VPS hosting could make sure your website won’t be down for a long time, which is absolutely important to retain your users. Otherwise you will loose your customers, if your VPS hosting is always out of service. A reliable VPS hosting will keep your website alive, once the server is down, they will repair it immediately.

2.Loading time

Nowadays the loading time of one website becomes more and more important, even Google will use it to calculate the ranking for SEO. A good VPS hosting could bring you a better loading time,  proving you more chance to get more customers. With a faster loading time, the visitors could get a better experience with your website, that’s what a good VPS hosting do.

3.On Time support

No matter how great the hosting is, there could not 100% avoid technique issues, so that’s why on time support is import. If your website is down, then you get your support after a long time, during that period your are disappointing your customers too.  A good VPS hosting should provide on time support,  and make it in different channels.

4. Flexible

Maybe the resources of SME is limited at first, but when they gain more market and customers, they may need to improve their existing VPS hosting configure, in this moment the flexibility of VPS hosting highlights their importance.

All SME should not just consider the cost, but the long time user experience. A stable and reliable VPS hosting means you may have more chance to earn more and reduce your risk.

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Advantages of cloud server

April 16th, 2013 No comments

Cloud computing may soon be looked at as a revolution in technology. In the future, we will definitely be expecting more organizations leaping at cloud computing services. Its popularity seems to be growing every day, especially amongst SMEs.
So, what exactly is the reason behind so many businesses moving to cloud computing? The reason includes a number of benefits, including increased efficiency and improved cash flow.

Let’s take a look at some other reasons:

Cloud computing enables you to store your data on a server, which makes it easy for you to access it from absolutely anywhere. The only thing required is, for you to connect to the internet.
Security: Security is definitely a very important aspect of cloud computing. The instances of people indulging in hacking practices have helped gain a much deeper focus on this topic. Cloud computing offers the much required security to your data. High level security software and practices have been used by several companies to help protect their data.
Business Stability:
Along with security, cloud computing

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also ensures business stability and steadiness. Be it a natural calamity, power failure or other crisis, you can be assured about the protection of your data. This because your data is stored in the cloud in a remote server, and is backed up in a safe and secured location. It reduces downtime and loss of productivity, thereby allowing you to conduct your business smoothly and to access your data quickly.
This is another crucial aspect that adds to the advantages of cloud computing. Employees can gain secure access to data from home, on holidays or while travelling. It offers a convenient option to employers to access data while on off-site. One can easily and quickly connect to the virtual office.

Multiple users at one time: It helps in cutting down on global wastes and is considered to be cost effective. Sharing by multiple users makes it environment friendly. The reduction in hardware and infrastructure results in less energy costs for the company. The resulting impact of the reduction of energy consumption can be significant. In addition, the resources are stretched and the downtime is cut in half.

VPS is what you should be looking at if you too wish to have a secure solution for managing, storing and sharing data. The flexi cloud servers are the right choice for your data back-up. It provides reliable hong kong cloud servers, along with a stable and cost effective network.
Stay updated with this space for more detailed and helpful information.

Things you must know about managed VPS

March 25th, 2013 No comments

If you are trying to get your website on the Internet then it is essential for you to know what exactly is managed VPS and the various VPS hosting plans that can help you while hosting the website.

VPS hosting is one of the most important factor that can help you in enhancing your website. In order to understand VPS hosting, you must first know that VPS services are of two types, namely, the managed VPS and the unmanaged VPS. The managed VPS service is the one that can work best for small businesses. In order to use this service, you need to assign some professionals from the web that will be able to solve any kind of issue with your website and see to it that the server system is working properly. As small businesses mostly have less staff and they can’t afford to have separate employees for tackling with technical issues that come up while hosting, managed VPS hosting is done by outside professionals so that troubleshooting of technical issues can be done at all times and managing of the system gets simplified. Using the managed VPS hosting method will help you to get a place in the virtual world. Even though it is the best option to take for small-time businesses, it is better to be clear of the reasons for actually opting for the managed VPS hosting. There are three major factors that that you need to consider when you choose the type of the managed VPS hosting plan. The second thing you need to take care of is the pricing offered by the managed VPS host. Make sure that you compare prices and pick up the best hosting plan that would not only be of optimum price but also wouldn’t affect the performance. The final thing to

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be sure of is the hosting features. It is necessary for you to check that the bandwidth and the disk space they provide will be optimum for the functioning of your website. Other than that, compare the control panels, backup system, CPU and RAM allowed and make sure that it works best for your website.

Now that you know the basic information needed for using the managed VPS hosting plan, you can go ahead with the managed VPS hosting plans. Since we also provide hosting plans, you can stay tuned to this blog to get updates for it.

Managed vs. Unmanaged VPS

March 18th, 2013 1 comment

In pharmacy in canada any shared pharmacy online network such as your office network, the most important element is the type of server used to manage traffic. This server takes care of all the data sharing, time allocations and feedback systems. Therefore, one must take into account all the parameters involved while choosing your hosting VPS.

There are mainly two types of servers, shared and private. Private servers are called VPS i.e. Virtual Private Server. This server can either be managed by in-house team of professionals or one can opt for an external technical team. phone spy app When you have an in-house team which has some knowledge about the working of server, it is called unmanaged VPS. If you have outsourced this task to external professionals it is called managedVPS. In this case your company is not responsible to take care of your windows or Linux VPS.

Unmanaged VPS server is comparatively low cost option for hosting. It will require sufficient man power and skilled professionals

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in your company who have technical knowledge to manage your VPS. For unmanaged VPS, server down-time is to be taken care of only once by Linux virtual private server provider, but after that you will be responsible for managing troubleshooting, arrangement, software issues etc.

For large scale businesses phone spy app managing their network is very important. In such cases, the best way is to go for managed VPS, as it will keep your server on all the time. This means your web page is online all the time. Managed VPS Hosting is a perfect solution in scenarios where the customer does not have staff to handle core hosting related technical issues. In case of managed VPS Hosting you get expert professionals to administer and handle your server, cell phone spy app so as a result you ascertain that your website is up all the time. This means your speed of operation will be faster and in case of any problem you will always have man power to cope with it. Once you have agreed upon the price for managed cloud you do not have to worry about server efficiency and troubleshooting. This system is effective for multi-regional hosting like Hong Kong hosting, Taipei hosting etc.

For better management and maintenance you must let professionals handle your network, so that you will be relieved of all the problems associated with VPS management.

What is managed VPS

March 5th, 2013 No comments

Got a business and want to tap into the extensive business potential available on the web? Getting a website is the way to go. But, having your own website comes with its set of responsibilities. One of them is finding a reliable hosting provider and managing the hosting functions. In the recent years VPS or Virtual Private Server has emerged as one of the most viable and optimum hosting options. A cheaper alternative as compared to dedicated hosting, VPS simulates the latter by procuring dedicated resources such as disk space, processor speed and RAM for your website by creating a virtual machine on the host server. This lets you gain complete control over the hosting functions. While, this may sound lucrative, there’s a catch as it also entails quite a bit of responsibility. This is where managed VPS comes in handy.

Managed VPS takes the middle path between shared VPS hosting and dedicated VPS hosting. It provides you with full root access so that you can control the changes your website needs. At the same time, it delegates the more time-consuming, effort-intensive tasks that need proper technical expertise to the VPS hosting provider. The spy phone app task list that you may be able to totally skip includes stuff like installation of any software that you might deem necessary for your website. Upgrading the operating system of your server or applying security patches is another time-consuming task that needs to be done just right. Also included in the list is the very crucial task of monitoring your website’s performance and fighting off any impending bottlenecks and threats. But, if you choose managed VPS, all these tasks are entrusted to the VPS hosting provider.

The advantages of managed VPS are manifold: Server OS installations – The correct installation of the server OS is very important. More important is when you wish to change it midway through a hosting service subscription, because it proves to be quite tough when done from a remote location. This task is handled by experts at the managed VPS hosting provider’s end.

Security updates – A live website is prone to attacks from hackers and security threats. With a managed VPS plan, the hosting provider offers free security and software updates for your server.

Server monitoring – A managed VPS hosting plan almost always comes with proactive server monitoring service that sniffs out potential threats and signs of malicious attacks, mis-configuration or hardware failure.

Server administration happy hours! – Most managed VPS hosting providers provide a set of hours where you can take control of your web server and with the help cell phone spy of the 24×7 support staff

at the hosting providers’ end, carry out tasks, upgrades and updates.

So, the three clear-cut areas why you should opt for managed VPS hosting include administered updates & installation, security and monitoring. If given a proper thought, the amount of effort and time required to accomplish these tasks would be significant and may be beyond your capacity. And in today’s remote phone spy installation world, saving effort invariably translates to saving considerable financials per year. So what are you waiting for, hunt out a reliable managed VPS hosting provider and get yourself a subscription today!

Exclusive offers for small businesses

February 25th, 2013 No comments

Who doesn’t love being treated in a special way? Offers, discounts and bargains are a loved thing across age

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groups and across industries. But, if you are a small business owner, you have to love these awesome VPS hosting offers that we bring to you. We are one of the best Hong Kong web hosting companies and bring these exclusive offers especially for small businesses so that they can reap maximum benefits from our cost-effective and cutting-edge services.

Being a hosting company, we have the privilege of customizing our VPS Hong Kong hosting offers and after keen research; we have come out with the following:
•Low Cost Linux VPS hosting on the Cloud
This offers lets you subscribe to Linux virtual private server hosting service for as low as HK$ 90 per month. With this, your website is powered by resources including RAM up to 8 GB and up to 200 GB of hard disk space. We also promise that if you don’t like our service, you can have all your money back!

•14-day Money Back Guarantee
No matter what cloud VPS hosting you subscribe to from us, we are sure that you will appreciate our professionalism and the quality of our offerings. But, just in case you aren’t happy with your Hong Kong VPS hosting services, we will return your money. This applies to all new customer signups and to the first package being purchased from us.

•Free Hosting and Migration
Can’t switch now because you are already subscribed to another Hong Kong web hosting company? Take the decision now and switch to our high-quality Hong Kong web hosting services, and we will help you migrate all your data to our cloud server.

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In addition to this, we will serve you for the remainder of your contract period without charging a single buck! Yes, you heard it right; totally free! All your need to do is provide us with a valid contract or invoice for your existing cloud hosting, and we are good to go!

With all these exciting offers from us that are tailor-made to increase the efficiency of your business while effectively reducing costs, what are you waiting for! Go ahead and choose one these offers today!

Advantages of web hosting for small business

February 18th, 2013 No comments

Think your business has reached its maximum potential through physical and personal marketing and sales strategies? Thing again, because if you haven’t tapped the tremendous potential that the web has to offer, then you haven’t done it all! Every business, especially the smaller ones should own a website to reach out to potential customers around the globe. If you have already taken the first step of creating a website, you will definitely need

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web hosting. Website hosting is provided by many a web hosting company today and provides distinct advantages. It makes your website available to the outside world, while feeding it all the resources necessary to keep it operational. There are multiple options available in web hosting that you could choose from. These include cloud server hosting, virtual server hosting, dedicated hosting or shared hosting.

While dedicated hosting is buy essay the privilege of larger and financially stronger organizations, shared hosting presents a cheaper but sometimes problematic option. The midway is to go for VPS hosting

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as it provides almost all the facilities of dedicated hosting at a much lower cost. Hong Kong web hosting companies are renowned around the world for the state-of-the-art services they provide. With VPS, your website can avail of a virtual private server created on a shared machine that provides you with dedicated resources. While retaining complete control over your website, you can still delegate the more effort intensive tasks to the hosting provider. On the other hand, you can even opt for cloud server hosting. This proves to buy online essay be beneficial, as resources can be dynamically scaled up. Also available are an array of SaaS

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features. With Software as a Service options, small businesses do not need to invest in setting up comprehensive infrastructures and can subscribed to as many resources as they require at any given point in time, giving them the flexibility that is much desired. Your business website uptime is almost permanently guaranteed, as cloud hosting services ensure that in spite of traffic spikes, your site does not crash. This is done by dynamically allocating free resources such as bandwidth, processor speed, RAM and disk space.

Another option to go for is CDN, wherein hosting providers and servers can be located far away from the end users. The benefits and advantages of web hosting are many and varied, and especially ring true for small business due to the reduction in operational costs. If you are looking for hosting providers, choose VPS hosting Hong Kong, as they provide the best of the breed services available today.

How small business can reduce operating costs with Windows VPS

February 12th, 2013 No comments

Chances are that as a business owner you must have already heard or read about VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting somewhere. If you have already opted for VPS hosting, you have already taken the first step towards efficient and optimum utilization of your business resources. If your business scale is small, this step becomes all the more pertinent. So, congratulations on making the first right choice. But, it doesn’t end here! Read on to know how choosing Windows VPS hosting can benefit your business and help reduce your costs.

Any business operating today strives towards maximum cost efficiency to increase

profit. This becomes increasingly important when a maximum sales ceiling is reached and the only way ahead is optimum resource utilisation. Windows VPS lets you do this by providing a mid-way between dedicated hosting and shared hosting. The core basis behind it is the Windows operating system loaded onto a virtual server – the foundation of VPS hosting. Bring widely acknowledged for its ease of use and stability, the Windows OS is less expensive and easier to manage. With dedicated resources, such as RAM, HDD, processor speed and bandwidth, the Windows operating system will provide your website with a stable foundation. You can choose to have full access for customising and monitoring your website or delegate the tasks to your web hosting provider. Windows VPS is totally compatible with Microsoft’s Internet Information Service (IIS) – one of the most widely used web servers in the world. In combination with integrated support for ASP.NET framework, webmasters can execute all web-related assignment and install free applications with ease, ensuring you do not spend on paid apps for proprietary platforms. All your websites can now be run on the Windows VPS providing you with a centralised hosting and managing point for your business. Also, it helps save money otherwise invested into subscription of multiple hosting services. Windows being a widely used system offers distinct ease of management that anyone with a slight technical bent of mind can easily get used to.

Alternatively, you can use Windows cloud hosting for your website to ensure maximum availability and uptime. Hong Kong hosting providers tend to specialise in the provision of Windows VPS and Windows cloud hosting services.

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the it have.

If you haven’t opted for it already, do not waste any more time; get Windows VPS today and enjoy the benefits of VPS hosting for all your business needs.

Things you should know about VPS hosting for small businesses

February 6th, 2013 No comments

The industry today and the commercial arena in general are inundated with small and medium-scale businesses and individuals, who come to realize that there is a lot of potential for entrepreneurial venture. This is the reason why, the web has seen a massive rise in the number of private websites owned by individuals or groups forming companies. Small businesses basically can be identified by the low strength of employees between 15 & 500, or by the economic system used by qualified professionals to set up enterprises. In terms of web technology though, a small business may be one that does not require a large hardware and software infrastructure, and does not need resources to cater to the normal traffic volume that their website attracts. This is why VPS for small business is a very viable solution. As a small business owner, it is inevitable that cost and efficiency are major constraints, which is why hunting for and choosing from a variety of hosting solutions is all the more important.

Virtual Private Server or VPS is a great and cost-effective way of website hosting. It effectively provides the same set of dedicated resources as a dedicated server hosting plan, while being relatively cheaper and easier to manage. In VPS hosting, a physical server is divided into a number of virtual machines that are allotted to different users. For the end user, the VM still acts as a dedicated server with its own set of HDD capacity, RAM, bandwidth and processor speed. A virtual server can be installed with a different operating system and can also be rebooted without affecting other users. Going a step further, you as a small business owner can also opt for the cloud hosting version of VPS being offered by many a hosting company today. It works on the principle of creation of a Virtual Private Community (VPN), which is based on a series of digital dedicated servers (VDS).

The advantages of using VPS for small business are manifold as the rise in website traffic can be easily handled with the dynamic allocation of extra resources. Also, the task of managing and monitoring your website and ensuring uptime can be delegated to the hosting company that owns the web server. This rids you of all the headaches associated with maintaining a

website and lets you focus on the core areas of business development, quality and sales. If you haven’t already, opt for VPS hosting for small businesses today and start reaping the rich benefits of this cutting-edge technology.

5 Reasons you should choose VPS for your CMS

January 25th, 2013 1 comment

Caught in a dilemma about what hosting plan or solution to choose for your CMS-based website? Out of all the solutions available today, VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting is a very viable solution. But first, what exactly does a CMS-based website mean? Traditionally, websites were developed using web coding technologies like Java, .NET and PHP to a certain extent. Developers began to realize the redundant nature of some of the code snippets required when building websites and this is where the thought of a Content Management System or CMS was conceived. A CMS basically automates common tasks by providing readymade code snippets and drag-n-drop modules to speed up the process of website development.

Now that CMS is out of the way, let’s move to VPS. Virtual Private Server hosting is the middle path between economical yet feature-stripped shared hosting and feature-rich yet expensive dedicated server hosting. VPS effectively provides all the advantages of a dedicated hosting server by creating multiple virtual machines on a single physical server. While this may sound like shared hosting, each client has a dedicated virtual machine which has dedicated CPU, RAM, disk space and other resources. You can even custom install cialis didnt work the first time an OS of your choice on your VPS server. So, if you do own a CMS-based cheap generic viagra website or are planning to build one, here are the 5 reasons that should quell any doubts about opting for a VPS plan:

·CMS websites are popularly used for ecommerce and online portals, government websites or online communities. Here, the speed of access and lower page loading times count. VPS ensures this via dedicated resources.

·If you expect higher traffic, you can always scale up the resources allocated to you by your VPS hosting provider. This makes VPS extremely flexible in nature.

·A VPS hosting plan allows you to host multiple website and create as many MySQL databases as you want on a single VPS server. This reduces cost and website management hassles.

·VPS plans inevitably come with high security measures. Malware, hacker threats

and other security issues are effectively thwarted with regular security updates and patches, as well as constant monitoring.

·VPS hosting is also conducive to SEO or Search Engine Optimisation needs as it leads to faster page loading times, provides dedicated IPs and private name servers.

Besides these, there are many other reasons why CMS hosting should always be done using VPS. Web hosting services providers these days have come up with a variety of VPS hosting plans to suit your needs. Getting online has never been this easy – build a website using a CMS and choose a VPS provider, and you are good to go!