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Advantages of Cloud Server Hosting

August 28th, 2013 No comments

When even an hour of IT system downtime can cost the organization more than it can afford to lose, what will the organization do in the event that a natural disaster destroys its IT systems completely?

Here comes the Cloud Server Solution that will give access to critical business information and IT systems that are necessary to support primary business tasks at a secondary business site. Cloud Server Hosting includes virtual servers, remote storage and a robust canadian pharmacy content delivery network that leverage the core advantages of cloud hosting. Besides operating as stand-alone solutions, every cloud server seamlessly integrates with dedicated servers and automated services along with a private network and management system.

Cloud Server Hosting has made creating and controlling a hybrid computing environment easy and efficient. It is also easy to customize the virtual servers according to the unique application requirements. What makes it incredible is the scalability without the sacrifices in levitra premature ejaculation performance, flexibility and security. When all the important data is saved on the cloud the need to maintain the IT infrastructure is minimum. A lot of money can be saved when the need for storage comes down to a minimum as walmart price for levitra most of the data is stored on the cloud. The operational costs are decreased with cloud computing. Pay only for the usage, so the expenses are directly proportional to the requirements. The cost levitra versus viagra of setting up the cloud server system is also minimum.

The cloud server can be easily accessed with an internet connection from anywhere and the data can be acquired wherever it is required. Since the cloud software is the responsibility of the service provider and requires very less equipment, the employees need not be trained for upgrading to new software which saves a lot of time. Furthermore, cloud hosting also allows monitoring of the resources in a better manner. It is easy to keep a track of the projects and plan the resource needs and can keep a tab on the budget for better management of projects.

Cloud Block Storage FAQs

August 20th, 2013 No comments

What exactly is cloud block storage?

Most of the people tend to prefer to get additional disk space without having to upgrade their entire cloud server. This is where cloud block storage comes into the picture. The cloud block storage ensures that the user’s cloud instance is attached to a virtual hard disk which can be used later to add more volumes.

Is it possible to backup cloud storage volumes?

It is very easy to create backups of the block storage volumes for which one needs to create snapshots or images of the storage. Depending upon the size of the data, backups can take up to 5 seconds. It is essential to choose the best cloud block storage in order to get the best storage services.

How much volume size can be created using the block storage?

The block storage enables users to get disk space as per their requirement. The block storage providers enable to add hundreds of volumes within a minute provided the user’s quota is large enough. It is preferable to opt for cloud server providers in Asia to get the best block storage services.

What is the maximum capacity of cloud block storage that a single customer account can use by default?

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The cloud block storage enables users to get volumes and storage capacity of 10 TB or 50 volumes per region. The total storage capacity depends on whether the terabyte storage or the volumes per region is utilized first.

Does the user’ data stay hidden when the hard drive space is returned to the general pool by the cloud block storage?

When the hard drive space is returned to the general pool, the cloud block storage system overwrites over the used portions by putting zeros. This is done before that hard drive space is returned to the pool so that it is readily available for other cloud block storage users.

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Which are the parts that are highly available (HA) in the storage system?

The back-end storage volumes of the cloud block storage work on RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) level 10 configuration which gives high availability due to the combined features of RAID level 0 and RAID level 1.

Is it possible to attach a single volume to multiple servers?

Since cloud block storage does not offer shared storage offering, it is not possible to attach multiple cloud servers with a single cloud block storage. Although, it gives facility to attach multiple volumes to a single cloud server instance.

What is the difference between the local storage provided by cloud servers and the cloud block storage?

The persistent data storage is provided by the cloud block storage for the next generation cloud servers. This is the added advantage provided by the cloud block storage as the persistent storage remains even when the server has been deleted. As opposed to this, the local storage offered by cloud servers can contain data only till the cloud server is in use. The

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local storage gets deleted as soon as the cloud server is deleted.

In order to know more about the cloud block storage and the benefits it can give users, stay tuned to our blog.

Factors to be considered when selecting a cloud technology

July 29th, 2013 No comments

There’s a lot of buzz about cloud these days as the market is growing exponentially.Most businesses these days are switching over to the cloud hosting services in order to fulfill the needs of their businesses. The companies are finding the shared hosting services quite limited while when it comes to the dedicated servers they are known to be very expensive. In most cases, businesses don’t want to spend extra amount for resources that are not needed by them. This is where cloud service provider comes into picture. The cloud storage plans not only give unlimited storage but also enable users to get resources they need at flexible rates.

Most of the cloud server hosting plans are available at affordable prices similar to shared hosting and also provides scalability and superb self-service. There are four basic types of cloud hosting services namely, public or external clouds, private clouds, hybrid clouds and community clouds.

The public or external clouds are the ones whose technology infrastructure need not be controlled by the users. The users are able to benefit from this service as an internet service to small businesses and individuals. It provides limited hosting requirements with the cloud storage. The businesses and organizations that don’t want to share their resources tend to opt for private cloud service. In this type, the computing architecture is given to a specific architecture. Conversely, in public clouds, the same architecture is used by many organizations.

Another type of cloud is the hybrid cloud that was made to remove the security issues related to public cloud hosting. The hybrid cloud is used in the best cloud server hosting plans available in Asia.

The community cloud is the type of cloud that is used to lessen the high cost of private cloud hosting and avoid any security threats of the public cloud hosting service. Among the various cloud server hosting services available in Asia, the cloud hosting services available in Hong Kong are known to be the best.

It is essential to choose the type of cloud that perfectly suits the users businesses or organizations. This will enable to get unlimited storage along with the resources needed by the users.

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