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Factors to be considered when selecting a cloud technology

July 29th, 2013 No comments

There’s a lot of buzz about cloud these days as the market is growing exponentially.Most businesses these days are switching over to the cloud hosting services in order to fulfill the needs of their businesses. The companies are finding the shared hosting services quite limited while when it comes to the dedicated servers they are known to be very expensive. In most cases, businesses don’t want to spend extra amount for resources that are not needed by them. This is where cloud service provider comes into picture. The cloud storage plans not only give unlimited storage but also enable users to get resources they need at flexible rates.

Most of the cloud server hosting plans are available at affordable prices similar to shared hosting and also provides scalability and superb self-service. There are four basic types of cloud hosting services namely, public or external clouds, private clouds, hybrid clouds and community clouds.

The public or external clouds are the ones whose technology infrastructure need not be controlled by the users. The users are able to benefit from this service as an internet service to small businesses and individuals. It provides limited hosting requirements with the cloud storage. The businesses and organizations that don’t want to share their resources tend to opt for private cloud service. In this type, the computing architecture is given to a specific architecture. Conversely, in public clouds, the same architecture is used by many organizations.

Another type of cloud is the hybrid cloud that was made to remove the security issues related to public cloud hosting. The hybrid cloud is used in the best cloud server hosting plans available in Asia.

The community cloud is the type of cloud that is used to lessen the high cost of private cloud hosting and avoid any security threats of the public cloud hosting service. Among the various cloud server hosting services available in Asia, the cloud hosting services available in Hong Kong are known to be the best.

It is essential to choose the type of cloud that perfectly suits the users businesses or organizations. This will enable to get unlimited storage along with the resources needed by the users.

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Benefits of cloud server for a small business

July 26th, 2013 No comments

Setting a new business? Worried about IT infrastructure and maintanence? Don’t be..Cloud infrastructure is here..

Cloud technology is Internet-based wherein users are given the facility to store their data on a cloud server. In order to get this cloud storage, users need to get the cloud server hosting service by subscribing with a cloud service provider.All you need is a thin client or a tab to access your cloud server and internet and violaa!!! Earlier people used to run applications and programs directly on a physical computer. Today, people have the option of accessing the applications and programs through cloud which saves a lot of space. The cloud server hosting solution has gained lots of popularity among most small and middle sized enterprises in Asia.A typical SMB needs its workforce and resources to concentrate on its core business rather than maintaining IT infra, so best way is to host it with a service provider and let the experts do it for you while you get back to do what you are best at.

These days it has become very difficult to run small businesses due to the current economic climate. The only viable solution to remain in competition is to inculcate technology in one’s business. The businesses that tend to have a stronger hold on its operations are the ones that have maintained their online presence by using cloud servers and the cloud server hosting services. Cloud technology is used by various cloud servers to fulfill business needs which s equivalent to less downtime and server-related lag. The fact that cloud hosting doesn’t require any IT infrastructure on site gives the small businesses the benefits of speed

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and price along with saving their resources. Due to this, hosting a website through cloud hosting service becomes simple, affordable and efficient. The small businesses are spared the burden of paying hefty amounts for full software licenses as cloud hosting is also a software-as-a-service. Cloud hosting solutions provide unlimited amount of storage and backup facility as it is hosted across many servers.

One of the major advantages of cloud computing is that it doesn’t require any onsite maintenance. The cloud server hosting enables businesses to run their IT services remotely without the need of having any IT technician. The hardware and servers need not be updated as most of the maintenance issues are taken care of by the hosting provider. The only thing that businesses need to look after is whether they have adequate number of computers and internet access on site. The cloud computing technology also enables businesses to allow their employees to access the data remotely. People who are looking forward to sign up for the cloud computing service need to contact VPS hosting service provider that offers the hosting services.

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Why hybrid cloud is the best?

June 17th, 2013 No comments

A hybrid cloud is an integrated cloud service that uses the distinct functions of both private as well as public clouds within the same organization. To be precise, the hybrid cloud uses the combined features of one private cloud and one public cloud. It is a cloud computing environment that manages some resources internally when other services are provided externally. A hybrid cloud can be used in two ways. You can use a hybrid cloud by using the private cloud from vendors that have partnered with a public cloud cialis generic provider. Conversely, a public cloud provider can also partner with a vendor for providing private cloud platforms.

The hybrid model is very flexible and allows you to match up different resources with the local infrastructure which is difficult to scale and scalable infrastructure. This decreases the cost significantly and enables you to place the canada pharmacy applications and data on the best platforms to span the processing between them. The public cloud computing is provided for the clear use case in hybrid cloud computing. This makes it necessary to use certain aspects of the over the counter viagra equivalent existing IT infrastructure for public cloud environments. The hybrid approach is being preferred these days as it enables people to keep their data local while keeping analytical processing in the cloud. There are others who find migrating gigabytes of operational data to the cloud a better option.

Since there are many IT resources that are unable to exist in the public clouds, it is evident that hybrid clouds need to be used. There is a need to consider various compliance issues, performance requirements as well as security restrictions for viagra with dapoxetine reviews hybrid computing. The hybrid cloud is basically using the dedicated servers for connecting data and services to various data centers. This helps in building and using the various applications in a simpler way. To be precise, the advantages of dedicated servers and features of the private and public clouds are clubbed together to get the hybrid clouds. The dedicated hybrid servers are allocated different tasks and activities whenever a user is in need of it.

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Advantages of hybrid cloud server

June 12th, 2013 No comments

A combination of at least one private and one public cloud is what forms a hybrid cloud server. Usually a hybrid cloud is provided in two ways. The first way is when a private cloud provider strikes an alliance with a public cloud provider. In the second way, the proprietor of a public cloud makes a deal with a retailer of private cloud platforms.

A hybrid cloud is the amalgamation of private and public cloud infrastructures. Private

clouds are typically restricted to

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an organizations data center, while service dealers provide public clouds. Hence, if an organization has already built a private cloud, it becomes relatively simple to use resources from public clouds

as a way to expand their business. In this way, a hybrid cloud empowers IT firms to augment the capabilities of their own IT infrastructure. The crucial part of the hybrid model is having a durable, safe, and high-performance network between the private and public cloud, so that applications and storage can efficiently be transferred back and forth.

The reason that a hybrid cloud is so beneficial is because it permits you to control your own assets as well as assets from public cloud suppliers which generates a more economical and adaptable IT structure. It allows you to boost your existing facilities, either in terms of managing excess traffic or in terms of hosting particular workloads. Resources from the public cloud can be utilized to do this in a very flexible manner. You can also employ these external resources to create your own data hub.

However, you need to consider both, cloud storage and storage networking elements, because any discerning businessperson is well aware of the significance of his organization’s data. Most organizations that are transforming to a hybrid cloud milieu, expect to receive the same quality service for their applications and workloads, as they did with their own private cloud structure. For this reason precisely, SLAs (service level agreements) are vital in terms of protection, data accessibility, and proprietorship of data. SLA terms can be easily fulfilled with the help of the WAN (wide area network) infrastructure. A WAN successfully fuses the private and public clouds together. This enhances security, dependability, and performance of that infrastructure.

Ultimately, the uniqueness of a hybrid cloud technology is its ability to successfully combine private and public cloud platforms. This offers the advantages of multiple deployment models and also allows IT organizations to make use of public cloud computing resources to meet many of their temporary and even long-term needs.