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Advantages of Cloud Server Hosting

August 28th, 2013 No comments

When even an hour of IT system downtime can cost the organization more than it can afford to lose, what will the organization do in the event that a natural disaster destroys its IT systems completely?

Here comes the Cloud Server Solution that will give access to critical business information and IT systems that are necessary to support primary business tasks at a secondary business site. Cloud Server Hosting includes virtual servers, remote storage and a robust canadian pharmacy content delivery network that leverage the core advantages of cloud hosting. Besides operating as stand-alone solutions, every cloud server seamlessly integrates with dedicated servers and automated services along with a private network and management system.

Cloud Server Hosting has made creating and controlling a hybrid computing environment easy and efficient. It is also easy to customize the virtual servers according to the unique application requirements. What makes it incredible is the scalability without the sacrifices in levitra premature ejaculation performance, flexibility and security. When all the important data is saved on the cloud the need to maintain the IT infrastructure is minimum. A lot of money can be saved when the need for storage comes down to a minimum as walmart price for levitra most of the data is stored on the cloud. The operational costs are decreased with cloud computing. Pay only for the usage, so the expenses are directly proportional to the requirements. The cost levitra versus viagra of setting up the cloud server system is also minimum.

The cloud server can be easily accessed with an internet connection from anywhere and the data can be acquired wherever it is required. Since the cloud software is the responsibility of the service provider and requires very less equipment, the employees need not be trained for upgrading to new software which saves a lot of time. Furthermore, cloud hosting also allows monitoring of the resources in a better manner. It is easy to keep a track of the projects and plan the resource needs and can keep a tab on the budget for better management of projects.

Basic types of Cloud Hosting

April 5th, 2013 No comments

The cloud computing is a service used over the Internet to stream data, I.T resources as well as applications to the users. It is basically used to utilize the software as a service which is more commonly known as SaaS. Even though Google is mostly known for its SaaS service, there are other social media industry such as Facebook and Twitter that have grown at an alarming rate. Apart from SaaS, the other cloud computing solutions that have come up are Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) that are proving to be very beneficial for many companies. The cloud server models offer a great many features such as self-service, cost-savings, economies of scale and flexibility. Basically, the cloud deliver models are of various types but the more common ones are private services, public services and hybrid services. The cloud services offer many features due to which they are defined using various names such as community clouds, cloud streams, mobile clouds and federated clouds. The cloud services are built on the concept of virtualization. Its basis comes from the concept of centralizing the software and infrastructure on remote servers and managing them by using the laptops, tablets and smartphones. Let us now discuss the basic types of clouds namely, private, public and hybrid.

Public clouds

In this type, the I.T services are provided as a service over the Internet. This is known as the external cloud and it has very less control over the underlying technology infrastructure and is mostly quite affordable. It reduces the complexity encountered during operation. During testing and deploying new products, it takes up long lead times.

Private clouds

The I.T activities and functions are provided as a service in this cloud type. Even though I.T functions are offered, they are available only for a particular company or an organization. Since, it is a private cloud; there is no resource-sharing between the private cloud owner and outside agencies. This feature enables the users to do multi-tenancy easily.

Hybrid clouds

As its name suggests, this type is a combination of the public and the private clouds. The hybrid clouds not only provide the advantages of the dedicated servers but also the features of the public or private clouds. Users are given the facility of customizing rules related to security and the underlying infrastructure. The activities and tasks needed are allocated the necessary dedicated servers or cloud servers as and when the user requires.

Most common services

Apart from the basic types of clouds, the clouds are also categorized based on their service-type level. Based on this, there are three types of dominant services namely, SaaS, PaaS and IaaS.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

If you want to access a remote product or e-commerce service over the Internet then you need to use the SaaS service. The best example of this service is the Amazon Web Services providing a remote CRM like a Salesforce or a datacenter.

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

This service is specially made for those developers that want to deploy applications in the cloud without having to involve themselves with the server infrastructure. A great example of this kind of service is the Google apps store.

Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS)

The developers who sought to get maximum interaction with the underlying server infrastructure prefer the IaaS service. This service allows the advantage of deploying back-office applications on a remote environment.

How small business can reduce operating costs with Windows VPS

February 12th, 2013 No comments

Chances are that as a business owner you must have already heard or read about VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting somewhere. If you have already opted for VPS hosting, you have already taken the first step towards efficient and optimum utilization of your business resources. If your business scale is small, this step becomes all the more pertinent. So, congratulations on making the first right choice. But, it doesn’t end here! Read on to know how choosing Windows VPS hosting can benefit your business and help reduce your costs.

Any business operating today strives towards maximum cost efficiency to increase

profit. This becomes increasingly important when a maximum sales ceiling is reached and the only way ahead is optimum resource utilisation. Windows VPS lets you do this by providing a mid-way between dedicated hosting and shared hosting. The core basis behind it is the Windows operating system loaded onto a virtual server – the foundation of VPS hosting. Bring widely acknowledged for its ease of use and stability, the Windows OS is less expensive and easier to manage. With dedicated resources, such as RAM, HDD, processor speed and bandwidth, the Windows operating system will provide your website with a stable foundation. You can choose to have full access for customising and monitoring your website or delegate the tasks to your web hosting provider. Windows VPS is totally compatible with Microsoft’s Internet Information Service (IIS) – one of the most widely used web servers in the world. In combination with integrated support for ASP.NET framework, webmasters can execute all web-related assignment and install free applications with ease, ensuring you do not spend on paid apps for proprietary platforms. All your websites can now be run on the Windows VPS providing you with a centralised hosting and managing point for your business. Also, it helps save money otherwise invested into subscription of multiple hosting services. Windows being a widely used system offers distinct ease of management that anyone with a slight technical bent of mind can easily get used to.

Alternatively, you can use Windows cloud hosting for your website to ensure maximum availability and uptime. Hong Kong hosting providers tend to specialise in the provision of Windows VPS and Windows cloud hosting services.

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If you haven’t opted for it already, do not waste any more time; get Windows VPS today and enjoy the benefits of VPS hosting for all your business needs.

Things you should know about VPS hosting for small businesses

February 6th, 2013 No comments

The industry today and the commercial arena in general are inundated with small and medium-scale businesses and individuals, who come to realize that there is a lot of potential for entrepreneurial venture. This is the reason why, the web has seen a massive rise in the number of private websites owned by individuals or groups forming companies. Small businesses basically can be identified by the low strength of employees between 15 & 500, or by the economic system used by qualified professionals to set up enterprises. In terms of web technology though, a small business may be one that does not require a large hardware and software infrastructure, and does not need resources to cater to the normal traffic volume that their website attracts. This is why VPS for small business is a very viable solution. As a small business owner, it is inevitable that cost and efficiency are major constraints, which is why hunting for and choosing from a variety of hosting solutions is all the more important.

Virtual Private Server or VPS is a great and cost-effective way of website hosting. It effectively provides the same set of dedicated resources as a dedicated server hosting plan, while being relatively cheaper and easier to manage. In VPS hosting, a physical server is divided into a number of virtual machines that are allotted to different users. For the end user, the VM still acts as a dedicated server with its own set of HDD capacity, RAM, bandwidth and processor speed. A virtual server can be installed with a different operating system and can also be rebooted without affecting other users. Going a step further, you as a small business owner can also opt for the cloud hosting version of VPS being offered by many a hosting company today. It works on the principle of creation of a Virtual Private Community (VPN), which is based on a series of digital dedicated servers (VDS).

The advantages of using VPS for small business are manifold as the rise in website traffic can be easily handled with the dynamic allocation of extra resources. Also, the task of managing and monitoring your website and ensuring uptime can be delegated to the hosting company that owns the web server. This rids you of all the headaches associated with maintaining a

website and lets you focus on the core areas of business development, quality and sales. If you haven’t already, opt for VPS hosting for small businesses today and start reaping the rich benefits of this cutting-edge technology.