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FAQs on Cloud Server

July 18th, 2013 8 comments

1. What is cloud server hosting?

Basically, cloud computing is nothing but a set of multiple servers that are connected over the Internet for delivering pooled computing resources that are needed on demand. As opposed to traditional hosting services that limit the use to a single server, the users can access multiple servers and scale on demand in cloud hosting environment. The cloud service doesn’t restrict the user to a specific set of resources due to which the user can dynamically scale up the server based on their requirements and the resources required.

2. Why to use cloud storage?

Cloud computing is known to provide various advantages that include scalability, high availability and cost efficiency. The cloud servers provide the means to easily scale the resources fulfill the demands of the user. This is because the cloud technology is scalable and lets to do upgrades with minimum limitations. Cloud computing enables users to choose the amount of CPU, memory, web space and bandwidth and pay only for the needed resources.

3. What can be hosted using a cloud server?

One can host any kind of content or application that is legal and supports all the system requirements. The fully unrestricted root access for Linux and Windows environment is provided by each cloud server that allows users to run anything from the traditional dedicated server.

4. How many domains is a user allowed to host?

The users are allowed to host any number of domains on a cloud server. Although the users are given the facility to use resources, there is a certain amount of restriction on

the amount of its usage on a cloud server.

5. Is it possible to upgrade the resources on the server anytime?

The cloud service facilitates users to easily upgrade any of the resources such as CPU, web space and bandwidth as and when required. There is no downtime involved while upgrading the resources which only requires the user to contact the cloud service provider.

6. How long does it take for additional resources to be allocated to the user?

If one is using an individual cloud server then the resources such as CPU, RAM, hard drive and bandwidth can be allocated to the user easily and within a few minutes. Once the upgrade process is complete, the user will be able to get the additional resources instantly.

The points given here are sure to help people to clear out the doubts about the cloud server and the storage it provides. Keep following our blog to know more about cloud computing.

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Common security myths for EHRs based on cloud computing

July 9th, 2013 No comments

The cloud service is well-known in the tech circles as well as beyond it. Due to this, the cloud based applications have become a standard for the go-to business model that is used by software

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developers. In most cases, the cloud server hosting services are provided to the clients as Software-as-a-Service, more commonly known as SaaS solutions. These solutions give clients the efficiency that helps them to catalyze progress in almost all industries. Here, an insight is provided about myths that are related to the cloud-based EHR security.

Myth 1: The Cloud is too young to tackle security concerns

The recent influx and success of cloud server has resulted in the medical practitioners believing the cloud computing is a refined and comprehensive solution. Nowadays, various cloud computing techniques are available that are being used in the business world. These techniques include private, public and cloud which have successfully played their role to conduct banking transactions through secure cloud-based websites.

The cloud has been able to make its place within EHRs so a cloud-based EHR is a great option for storing data .

Myth 2: Data stored on the cloud is more valuable

It has been observed that most web-based EHR systems store data in high-level storage centers that have high-end bank-level security and at least 128-bit encryption methods. As opposed to this, the cloud-based EHRs enable users to access the system via a web browser rather than through the software that has been uploaded on the office hardware. This method helps when one’s office devices have been damaged due to some calamity as the data stays protected with password on another device.

Myth 3: Cloud-based applications are more vulnerable to malware and viruses

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t know the threats viruses and malware cause due to any malicious file that was downloaded on the computer. Fortunately, it has now been revealed that the cloud-based EHRs cannot be affected by

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viruses. This is due to the fact that viruses only affect end-computing device and not the cloud servers. Such malicious viruses and malware attacks are tackled by former hackers who are hired by the cloud-hosting vendors to maintain the health of the systems.

Myth 4: Cloud-based software doesn’t offer multi-level authorization

The cloud-based electronic data keeps a check on all those who access the files. It also provides login tracking features that can easily spot the data breaches. Comparatively, the cloud-based systems flag any inappropriate behaviour and take action based on it.

Since the cloud-based EHRs assign different levels of access to different roles, the employees are unable to obtain or alter any information accidentally. This serves as an additional layer of security to the already protected system.

So, instead of storing the information in a warehouse, opt for these various types of EHR systems that give users advantage of cloud-based security benefits and also save on costs and data accessibility.

Why choose Cloud computing for small Businesses

December 14th, 2012 No comments

Over the last few years, we all have noticed essays for buy the term ‘cloud computing’ being thrown around. It is a feature that has been introduced and applied by many network modules, companies, operating systems, and lately – mobile phones. What exactly is Cloud computing?

In essence, cloud computing is a best essay australia service that is offered online to help support a viagra doesnt work business platform. It is basically the use of hardware and software resources available over a network, preferably over the get annotated bibliography written internet for better functioning of a business module or application(s). The Cloud computing name comes because of the use of a cloud-shaped symbol as a pictorial depiction for the infrastructure. Cloud computing offers remote services to work with data, software and computing. In layman terms, Cloud computing is the use of a network of remote servers on the internet, as opposed to local servers, to store, manage, and process data.

Uses and modules

There are three main platform service standards of Cloud computing. Three ways in which businesses can use cloud computing. They are:

Platform as a Service: PaaS

Software as a Service: SaaS, and

Infrastructure as

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a Service: IaaS.

Of course there are other ways in which cloud computing comes in handy, but these three are the main modes.

Cloud computing offers various tools and features, with which a user can track progress and functioning while working with the cloud computing resource. These tools are:

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· Testing

· Network equipment

· Building applications

· Hosting Maintenance

· Developmental Stages

The wonderful thing about cloud computing is that all of these features may be used over the internet at a very low price.

Why cloud computing

Cloud computing is very precise over the benefits it offers to its users.

It helps you save

Investing in stand-alone local servers requires a lot of time and resource investment; not to forget the cost aspect. The cloud computing module is a much cheaper alternative, and it also helps you save while offering better results. It also eradicates the need for regular revamping of infrastructure and budgets. It helps save on software updates, physical data storage maintenance, and more.

Great speed and flexibility

Another benefit of Cloud computing is that it doesn’t need you to purchase, setup, or upgrade any hardware manually. Depending on the needs, the user can scale up or scale down the service of choice.


Now users need not make investments to keep up with the times. One may just pay attention to the latest cloud upgrades and make an informed choice. Cloud computing offers a faster development pace for testing and prototype phases in businesses.


The overheads are low, and the basic structure of services is available to use almost immediately. Users are billed only for the times that the service is used. This also helps you check and manage costs with service providers. This charge and usage information is always available online.

Location and multiple uses

The remote location of the cloud servers helps cut costs drastically. It also allows you to efficiently recover data, making disaster management a breeze. Cloud computing supports multiple users globally, eradicating downtime and managing resources efficiently.


One of the main reasons why Cloud computing is doing so well is because one may opt out of the service whenever he wants. The costs that will be incurred will be based on the Service level agreements. More so, if the correct buy cialis quality of service is not provided, there will be a penalty cost.

Multiple compatibility

Cloud computing method can be used on a plethora of electronic devices that have access to the internet. These devices spy on android phone for free include smartphones, iPads, laptops, and PCs.


Probably one of the most important features of cloud computing is ability to custom-form according to pharmacy in canada the needs of the business and the user. This makes the module fit for what’s the best dose of cialis a wide range of business modules and applications.

Cloud computing comes in handy for a lot of small and start businesses as it solves infrastructure shortcomings by pretty much outsourcing space and processing prowess to a remote virtual location on the internet.

Because of its simple functioning and customizable design, cloud computing is slowly but surely transforming business designs the world over. The fact that it not only saves costs, but also physical space, while providing a variety of services makes cloud computing a very prevalent service module in businesses the world over.

Why Cloud Computing is Important to Small Businesses?

November 14th, 2012 No comments

Cloud computing is here to stay! A technology that was once the stuff dreams are made of is today a reality. The advantages that it brings to the table for business of all scales are tremendous. Imagine not having to setup rows and rows of servers and DR sites for your business continuity. The cost associated with these resources are not just limited to setup, but span onto management as well. With the scope of your business growing it is obvious that you would not want to spend time tinkering with your physical or virtual server; enter managed VPS hosting. You would want to ensure server upkeep and maximum uptime; that means a dedicated system and server administration team. The “chores” associated with running a business that has to stay online 24 x 7 are endless. But, cloud computing takes away a chunk of these chores and is especially beneficial to smaller businesses. Let’s see how!

Minimum resources, maximum benefit

Small businesses typically are handicapped when it comes to setting up resources. But, with cloud computing, they can do away with onsite servers and cost associated with software.

Near-zero data loss risk

The constant worry plugging at a business owner’s head is the risk of data loss. Servers and databanks are not immune to damage and valuable data can be lost. With data based out of the cloud, this risk is cut down to a bare minimum, as the cloud service provider is entirely accountable for the security & integrity of the data.

Customised resource acquisition

Today’s cloud computing services are customisable. Small businesses can pick and choose service components that are relevant to them to strike an optimal balance between cost and benefits.

Low running costs

As everything, right from servers to data is hosted on the cloud; small businesses can cut down on costs associated with maintaining expensive equipment, software licenses and system admin personnel. All the software upgrades and maintenance is carried out by the cloud service, reducing the maintenance cost incurred by the business.

Dynamic scaling

Like every entrepreneurial venture, small businesses too want to grow. One of the obstacles when scaling up is the task of upgrading hardware and software, which requires quite an effort and cost. With cloud computing, all a small business needs to do is purchase extra space or add a bunch of services to its monthly cloud package and voila! The up-scaling is done.

Access to the “rich boy toys”

A few years ago, services such as dedicated or managed VPS hosting, private website hosting, dynamic file sharing and ERP tools were privy only to the elite businesses. With the advent of cloud computing, the playing field is now more even.

Cloud services available at a fraction of the cost of dedicated software and hardware, are sure to helps small businesses climb up the ladder of success. If you are a small business owner and wish for rapid growth, cloud computing and services offer and excellent, cost-effective option for scaling up.

Deciding your cloud computing needs

November 1st, 2012 No comments

Remember that awesome deal in the newspaper the other day? It promised a lot and sounded so good! Cloud computing is something like that. The only difference is that whether cloud computing proves to be beneficial for your business and delivers on its promise, is entirely up to you. If you are a business owner, chances are you are looking for ways to cut down your cost and effort, and yet maximise profit. Stuff

like managed VPS hosting will surely be on your mind. But, before joining the cloud computing bandwagon, there are several considerations that you need to carefully think about.

Do you really need a cloud computing solution?
If you already have or can afford to phone spy have an IT team in place

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to take care of your business resources and to ensure total uptime, then why choose cloud computing? Yes, it would amount to substantial savings, but it would also mean discarding a lot of well-established hardware and handing pink slips to a lot of your maintenance and system admin

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staff! On the other hand, if order essay you have just started off a business and plan to scale up in the face of increasing business opportunities, there is nothing like cloud computing to ensure cost-effectiveness.

Does your business need latest software?
If yes, then why spend on something that has you shelling out money for 100 users when you employ only 10. Many cloud computing contracts are customisable and you can opt for a pay-as-you-go service.

What kind of business growth do you foresee?
If you have tapped a gold mine and are expecting your business to explode in the next few months, then cloud computing presents an easy way of scaling up in terms of hardware, data space and software required. It is way more remote phone spy free trial optimal in terms of cost and effort as compared to actual physical up-scaling at your business premises.

What is the usage, availability, security and performance requirement for spy on cell phone your business?
Start with an honest and pragmatic analysis of what kind of cloud resources your business needs. Decide what kind of resource availability your business needs; 24 x 7, 18 x 5, etc. and also what BCP DR plans does the vendor have in case of natural calamities or any other problems threatening service disruption. Also, understand and decide the latency and response times that your business needs from cloud-based services.

If you have figured out the answers to these questions, you can choose from among the following types of cloud services depending on the nature of your business:
Infrastructure-as-a-service – Also known as Utility Computing, this service is offered by vendors in the form of cloud-based networks and servers, that you need to pay based on the capacity required and your usage. Managed VPS hosting is also sometimes included in this package.
Platform-as-a-service – All your software needs including

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the operating system and database is maintained by the cloud vendor
Software-as-a-service – This is one of the most feasible solutions these days, as the cloud vendor runs and provides the software you phone mobile spy need for your business. This helps you cut the costs of buying expensive licenses for usage for software from say, Oracle or Microsoft.

Cloud Computing unleashing your potential

September 14th, 2012 No comments

For the technologist, cloud computing represents a commodious opportunity to drive infrastructure efficiencies. Additionally the architectural principles behind cloud offer a completely new business models which, in cases, offers a significant economic benefit. The data centre functions as the fundamental building block for cloud computing. Besides, there is a common layer, it is based on the compute model and serves as the basic building block for the sharing in cloud. With emergence of cloud computing, specialized services such as Backup-As-A-Service or Storage-As-A-Service will become more prevalent. The fundamental principle behind cloud is that it is a shared service.

On moving from dedicated to Cloud

The cloud model serves a couple of situations really well and in particularly the public cloud can serve these exceptionally well. Typically cases that involve sharp

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growth volumes, periodic and a-periodic high volumes and applications on-off on the fly are better served by the cloud infrastructure. There are some opportunities for savings that is remarkable for shared infrastructure as compared to dedicated infrastructure to manage peak demands. For public cloud, more efficient use of capital is done by assigning demand across multiple shared resources on the aggregation of multiple workloads.

Cloud Services for Recovery against Disaster

Cloud Computing has a wide recognition amongst the industry and academics as a tumultuous innovation. The incessant evolution that’s taking place and adoption of the same has literally changed the way IT services are understood, operated and delivered. There are many ways on how Cloud Computing could be used for leveraging organizations Disaster Recovery requirements to ensure business continuity.

The advent of Cloud Computing has bought the organizations with an alternative for hosting Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity (BC) requirements in Cloud Services. The recovery services are generally classified as:

  • Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) –Cloud Services are subscribed by organizations as a platform that helps them evade the failover of their IT resources during a disaster.
  • Business Continuity as a Service (BCaaS) – The services of a Business Continuity consultant are offered to an organization on subscription to the services from the Cloud Service Provider as a complete turnkey solution for their Business Continuity requirements.

By subscribing to DRaaS and BCaaS organizations can cut down the cost of BCP/DRP solutions, efforts of updating software versions and IT equipment can be simplified, resiliency can be improved against disaster and the services provided by Business Continuity Consultants can be leveraged from the Cloud Service Providers

The effect on the way

of deployment and use of information technology

With the adoption of cloud and particularly the public cloud, there will be a new set of challenges for corporations. For instance, Service Level Agreements for the public cloud are very important though hosting companies and outsources have vast experiences managing these. Some emerging areas where corporations need to develop expertise are auditing mechanisms, the selection processes for determining service providers, geographic access, end-user constraints, integration into corporate directories and end-user provisioning alas understanding national constraints such as data sovereignty requirements.

Linux Performance tips

September 10th, 2012 No comments

Making your VPS (Virtual Private Server) server as responsive as possible is one of the most
demanded queries to be addressed on all forums. VPS servers by built have limited system
resources allotted to

each virtual server, for instance the allotted RAM is often less than 1 ,
hence getting the best performance out of VPS is a very critical task of running a successful
server. It’s often misunderstood by most clients that their VPS host has already optimized
the server for them and this makes the matter still worse because it simply isn’t the fact, even
reputed players in hosting space don’t do this. The article has been written in mind the above
facts and has provided a brief introduction to some of the common ways for optimizing your
VPS servers and getting the most of it.
Rule One: Always disabling the unnecessary system services
It’s the most common ways to spruce up your VPS, and is the foremost ways to optimize
your performance. Disabling any system services that are not necessary can bring marked
performance spikes in your server’s performance. This is because the services that are never
used still use up resources basically the RAM and the CPU time and at times possible allow
the server to be attacked remotely. It’s absolutely not necessary to have the services if you
don’t need them. To resolve the issues you should manage the scripts at the startup that start
these services at the boot time, and then disable them. This will help ease your performance

Rule Two: Properly configuring MySQL
One of the commonest ways to decrease the available RAM size, or allocate more memory to
MySQL is to simply configure the MySQL cache sizes. If you find that MySQL instance is
using more memory then you can trim up the usage by decreasing the cache size. Likewise, if
MySQL gets bogged down with large requests, increase the cache.

Rule Three: Properly configuring Apache
There is a mild confusion amongst administrators and

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even clients regarding proper
configuration of Apache 2.0 worker threads. Now you have to check the amount of memory
Apache is using and accordingly adjust

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the StartServers and the MinSpareServers directives
as and when needed to free up additional memory.

Rule Four: Cleaning up your modules
There will always be memory hungry modules or features that are just not needed, enabled
in the memory. The configuration files for Apache need to be looked up for some extra
packages that you don’t need. Disabling these will reduce the space web server requires that
will could be made available for useful software.

Rule Five: Disabling the control panels.
Popular control panels such as Cpanels, Plesk etc are loved by everyone. The irony is that
disabling these panels frees up RAM space up to 120 MB. These can be turned on when
required via a PHP script or via a command at the shell prompt.

These above tips can be performed by a system administrator or consultant in typically less
than two hours, which means a return on investment after only two or three billing cycles.