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VPS Hosting plans

April 12th, 2013 12 comments

VPS hosting offers the best possible plans for users to get the maximum use of Cloud Server at very affordable prices. You will find many VPS hosting providers who give good hosting plans, but we can assure you that the one which we give are the best. If you are planning on hosting your site on the web then you can browse through various offers that we are providing to our customers. If you compare our cloud service with other hosting service providers, you

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will know that we provide the cheapest vps hosting plans.

We also give free web hosting to those who are currently trying to get service from another VPS host. We can migrate all of your data from the other VPS provider to our servers and offer free host for the remaining contract. Apart from this, if you are not satisfied with our services then, we also have a 14-day money back policy for customer’s convenience.

VPS hosting is very much needed for those who have a website. We provide the best of services that will satisfy the needs of our customers. To know more about the great promotional offers we are providing, stay tuned to this section.We have got a variety of product portfolios ranging from Linux , windows VPS to email marketing, cloud storage etc. Our VPS plans are the best among the lot as we endeavour to serve the best at the least price. Check out our plans at VPS Hosting plans

On other note you can also check our blogs on other topics like cloud storage, VPN etc. You can share your comments below. Also you can visit our website or get in touch with us for any details regarding our offerings on . You can even follow us @ vpshostinghk

Why Cloud Computing is Important to Small Businesses?

November 14th, 2012 No comments

Cloud computing is here to stay! A technology that was once the stuff dreams are made of is today a reality. The advantages that it brings to the table for business of all scales are tremendous. Imagine not having to setup rows and rows of servers and DR sites for your business continuity. The cost associated with these resources are not just limited to setup, but span onto management as well. With the scope of your business growing it is obvious that you would not want to spend time tinkering with your physical or virtual server; enter managed VPS hosting. You would want to ensure server upkeep and maximum uptime; that means a dedicated system and server administration team. The “chores” associated with running a business that has to stay online 24 x 7 are endless. But, cloud computing takes away a chunk of these chores and is especially beneficial to smaller businesses. Let’s see how!

Minimum resources, maximum benefit

Small businesses typically are handicapped when it comes to setting up resources. But, with cloud computing, they can do away with onsite servers and cost associated with software.

Near-zero data loss risk

The constant worry plugging at a business owner’s head is the risk of data loss. Servers and databanks are not immune to damage and valuable data can be lost. With data based out of the cloud, this risk is cut down to a bare minimum, as the cloud service provider is entirely accountable for the security & integrity of the data.

Customised resource acquisition

Today’s cloud computing services are customisable. Small businesses can pick and choose service components that are relevant to them to strike an optimal balance between cost and benefits.

Low running costs

As everything, right from servers to data is hosted on the cloud; small businesses can cut down on costs associated with maintaining expensive equipment, software licenses and system admin personnel. All the software upgrades and maintenance is carried out by the cloud service, reducing the maintenance cost incurred by the business.

Dynamic scaling

Like every entrepreneurial venture, small businesses too want to grow. One of the obstacles when scaling up is the task of upgrading hardware and software, which requires quite an effort and cost. With cloud computing, all a small business needs to do is purchase extra space or add a bunch of services to its monthly cloud package and voila! The up-scaling is done.

Access to the “rich boy toys”

A few years ago, services such as dedicated or managed VPS hosting, private website hosting, dynamic file sharing and ERP tools were privy only to the elite businesses. With the advent of cloud computing, the playing field is now more even.

Cloud services available at a fraction of the cost of dedicated software and hardware, are sure to helps small businesses climb up the ladder of success. If you are a small business owner and wish for rapid growth, cloud computing and services offer and excellent, cost-effective option for scaling up.

Deciding your cloud computing needs

November 1st, 2012 No comments

Remember that awesome deal in the newspaper the other day? It promised a lot and sounded so good! Cloud computing is something like that. The only difference is that whether cloud computing proves to be beneficial for your business and delivers on its promise, is entirely up to you. If you are a business owner, chances are you are looking for ways to cut down your cost and effort, and yet maximise profit. Stuff

like managed VPS hosting will surely be on your mind. But, before joining the cloud computing bandwagon, there are several considerations that you need to carefully think about.

Do you really need a cloud computing solution?
If you already have or can afford to phone spy have an IT team in place

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to take care of your business resources and to ensure total uptime, then why choose cloud computing? Yes, it would amount to substantial savings, but it would also mean discarding a lot of well-established hardware and handing pink slips to a lot of your maintenance and system admin

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staff! On the other hand, if order essay you have just started off a business and plan to scale up in the face of increasing business opportunities, there is nothing like cloud computing to ensure cost-effectiveness.

Does your business need latest software?
If yes, then why spend on something that has you shelling out money for 100 users when you employ only 10. Many cloud computing contracts are customisable and you can opt for a pay-as-you-go service.

What kind of business growth do you foresee?
If you have tapped a gold mine and are expecting your business to explode in the next few months, then cloud computing presents an easy way of scaling up in terms of hardware, data space and software required. It is way more remote phone spy free trial optimal in terms of cost and effort as compared to actual physical up-scaling at your business premises.

What is the usage, availability, security and performance requirement for spy on cell phone your business?
Start with an honest and pragmatic analysis of what kind of cloud resources your business needs. Decide what kind of resource availability your business needs; 24 x 7, 18 x 5, etc. and also what BCP DR plans does the vendor have in case of natural calamities or any other problems threatening service disruption. Also, understand and decide the latency and response times that your business needs from cloud-based services.

If you have figured out the answers to these questions, you can choose from among the following types of cloud services depending on the nature of your business:
Infrastructure-as-a-service – Also known as Utility Computing, this service is offered by vendors in the form of cloud-based networks and servers, that you need to pay based on the capacity required and your usage. Managed VPS hosting is also sometimes included in this package.
Platform-as-a-service – All your software needs including

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the operating system and database is maintained by the cloud vendor
Software-as-a-service – This is one of the most feasible solutions these days, as the cloud vendor runs and provides the software you phone mobile spy need for your business. This helps you cut the costs of buying expensive licenses for usage for software from say, Oracle or Microsoft.