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如你所知虛擬伺服器分 Managed VPS(管理型虛擬伺服器)跟 Unmanaged VPS(自主管理型虛擬伺服器),那麼這兩種虛擬伺服器之間到底有甚麼區別呢?中小企又應該如何選擇虛擬伺服器?


近年來虛擬伺服器在中小企之間十分流行,基於虛擬伺服器其獨特的結構,不僅穩定性比 Shared hosting(共享主機)安全穩定,價格也比 Dedicated Server(獨立伺服器/主機)便宜。香港中小企在有限的資源下,也就比較傾向於採用虛擬伺服器,在其虛擬的配置下,企業所選的虛擬伺服器並不會受其他用戶的影響。

確切地說虛擬伺服器 VPS hosting 是介於 Shared hosting(共享主機)跟 Dedicated Server(獨立伺服器/主機)之間,性能要比  Shared hosting(共享主機),但又沒 Dedicated Server(獨立伺服器/主機)高,不過對中小企來說虛擬伺服器 VPS hosting 已夠用。

首先先來看看虛擬伺服器 VPS hosting 有甚麼好處:

  • 中小企採用虛擬伺服器,可省下購買跟管理實體伺服器的成本
  • 虛擬伺服器的穩定性跟彈性較高
  • 允許 Root 權限,也可以使用視覺化的界面操作系統 Plesk 或 cPanel
  • 允許一鍵修復跟還原
  • 每個虛擬伺服器都是獨立的,不會受其他用戶影響
  • 價格比 Dedicated Server(獨立伺服器/主機)低廉

那麼再來看看管理型虛擬伺服器 Managed VPS

管理型虛擬伺服器 Managed VPS 基本上就把球拋給供應商了,若你不是 IT 技術人員的話,那使用管理型虛擬伺服器 Managed VPS 就沒錯了,所有問題伺服器供應商都會幫你解決,無論是系統上的更新,網站的備份還是技術問題上的處理,他們都會幫你負責,管理型虛擬伺服器 Managed VPS的好處有:

  • 在高效率的管理下,你的網站上線率會得到保障
  • 在全天候的管理下,你的網站安全性將會大大提高
  • 管理型虛擬伺服器會幫你監測網站的情況,一旦有問題你將可及時收到通知
  • 365 天全天候的技術人員支援
  • 不需要重新啟動而隨時更改你的配置,如 RAM 或 CPU
  • 不會跟其他管理型虛擬伺服器的用戶共享資源,也就是說你的管理型虛擬伺服器不會受其他用戶影響
  • 使用管理型虛擬伺服器,供應商會自動幫你備份網站,你將可一鍵還原
  • 輕鬆簡便地從其他伺服器搬家至現在的管理型虛擬伺服器
  • 你可以個性化你的管理型虛擬伺服器

不過管理型虛擬伺服器 Managed VPS 也並非完美,相比 Unmanaged VPS(自主管理型虛擬伺服器),管理型虛擬伺服器 Managed VPS 的價格還是會高一些,但對於中小企來講比起請一個專業的 IT 人員使用管理型虛擬伺服器 Managed VPS 的成本還是可接受的。

現在再來看看自主管理型虛擬伺服器 Unmanaged VPS

自主管理型虛擬伺服器 Unmanaged VPS 名如其實你將擁有自主管理的權利,但在這之前你必須富有 IT 技術知識並熟知你所選的管理系統以及程式應用,因為若你選擇了自主管理型虛擬伺服器 Unmanaged VPS,你的伺服器供應商只負責為你提供虛擬伺服器,而一切的網站架設跟程式應用安裝以及備份全都由你自己負責,一般來講自主管理型虛擬伺服器 Unmanaged VPS 並不提供技術支援服務,除非是供應商那邊出現問題,不過使用自主管理型虛擬伺服器 Unmanaged VPS 還是有一些好處:

  • 你擁有全權管理權限,並可遠程控制
  • 除了你沒有人可以進入你的伺服器
  • 價格比管理型虛擬伺服器 Managed VPS 低
  • 不會跟其他管理型虛擬伺服器的用戶共享資源,也就是說你的管理型虛擬伺服器不會受其他用戶影響
  • 便利的資源擴展性,你可以依據你的需求更改你的配置
  • 你可以將你的伺服器管理工作外派給其他專業人員

到底是選管理型虛擬伺服器 Managed VPS 還是自主管理型虛擬伺服器 Unmanaged VPS 還是要看公司的資源,如果你的企業配有專業的 IT 技術部門,那麼你可以選擇自主管理型虛擬伺服器 Unmanaged VPS 來節省企業的成本,而大型企業則可考慮透過管理型虛擬伺服器 Managed VPS 來節約時間。不過無論是管理型虛擬伺服器 Managed VPS 還是自主管理型虛擬伺服器 Unmanaged VPS 兩者都可以滿足企業的需求配置,若你的企業付得起管理型虛擬伺服器 Managed VPS 的錢那就選擇管理型虛擬伺服器 Managed VPS,你大可把節省下來的時間成本拿去發展你的企業。


中小企業應如何透過 WordPress 快速輕鬆建站

Things you must know about managed VPS

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If you are trying to get your website on the Internet then it is essential for you to know what exactly is managed VPS and the various VPS hosting plans that can help you while hosting the website.

VPS hosting is one of the most important factor that can help you in enhancing your website. In order to understand VPS hosting, you must first know that VPS services are of two types, namely, the managed VPS and the unmanaged VPS. The managed VPS service is the one that can work best for small businesses. In order to use this service, you need to assign some professionals from the web that will be able to solve any kind of issue with your website and see to it that the server system is working properly. As small businesses mostly have less staff and they can’t afford to have separate employees for tackling with technical issues that come up while hosting, managed VPS hosting is done by outside professionals so that troubleshooting of technical issues can be done at all times and managing of the system gets simplified. Using the managed VPS hosting method will help you to get a place in the virtual world. Even though it is the best option to take for small-time businesses, it is better to be clear of the reasons for actually opting for the managed VPS hosting. There are three major factors that that you need to consider when you choose the type of the managed VPS hosting plan. The second thing you need to take care of is the pricing offered by the managed VPS host. Make sure that you compare prices and pick up the best hosting plan that would not only be of optimum price but also wouldn’t affect the performance. The final thing to

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be sure of is the hosting features. It is necessary for you to check that the bandwidth and the disk space they provide will be optimum for the functioning of your website. Other than that, compare the control panels, backup system, CPU and RAM allowed and make sure that it works best for your website.

Now that you know the basic information needed for using the managed VPS hosting plan, you can go ahead with the managed VPS hosting plans. Since we also provide hosting plans, you can stay tuned to this blog to get updates for it.

Managed vs. Unmanaged VPS

March 18th, 2013 1 comment

In pharmacy in canada any shared pharmacy online network such as your office network, the most important element is the type of server used to manage traffic. This server takes care of all the data sharing, time allocations and feedback systems. Therefore, one must take into account all the parameters involved while choosing your hosting VPS.

There are mainly two types of servers, shared and private. Private servers are called VPS i.e. Virtual Private Server. This server can either be managed by in-house team of professionals or one can opt for an external technical team. phone spy app When you have an in-house team which has some knowledge about the working of server, it is called unmanaged VPS. If you have outsourced this task to external professionals it is called managedVPS. In this case your company is not responsible to take care of your windows or Linux VPS.

Unmanaged VPS server is comparatively low cost option for hosting. It will require sufficient man power and skilled professionals

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in your company who have technical knowledge to manage your VPS. For unmanaged VPS, server down-time is to be taken care of only once by Linux virtual private server provider, but after that you will be responsible for managing troubleshooting, arrangement, software issues etc.

For large scale businesses phone spy app managing their network is very important. In such cases, the best way is to go for managed VPS, as it will keep your server on all the time. This means your web page is online all the time. Managed VPS Hosting is a perfect solution in scenarios where the customer does not have staff to handle core hosting related technical issues. In case of managed VPS Hosting you get expert professionals to administer and handle your server, cell phone spy app so as a result you ascertain that your website is up all the time. This means your speed of operation will be faster and in case of any problem you will always have man power to cope with it. Once you have agreed upon the price for managed cloud you do not have to worry about server efficiency and troubleshooting. This system is effective for multi-regional hosting like Hong Kong hosting, Taipei hosting etc.

For better management and maintenance you must let professionals handle your network, so that you will be relieved of all the problems associated with VPS management.

Difference between Managed VPS and Unmanaged VPS

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VPS or Virtual Private Servers is the in thing nowadays on the business technology front, thanks to a number of companies providing server hosting facilities for personal and business use which are not only convenient but budget friendly. To explain in layman’s term, VPS hosting is a web hosting service provided by a third party with their own physical infrastructure. In this way, they can offer many servers using a single physical server machine to multiple clients by partitioning using high quality software. The advantage is the elimination of dedicated physical infrastructure deployed by the clients for their server needs. This prevents a large amount of critical cash burn for the businesses and at the same time adds efficiency and convenience of a professionally managed infrastructure.

There are two types of services offered in VPS – Managed VPS and unmanaged VPS. Let us see the difference between the two and why you

must opt for Managed VPS.

Difference between Managed VPS and Unmanaged VPS

Managed VPS is the most practical solution for those who don’t

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have much technical know-how of server functioning and administration. In managed VPS, the service provider takes care of all issues related to server functioning. Whether it is server uptime, system maintenance and upgrade or security, everything is taken care of by the hosting company and you will have a worry free functioning server.

Unmanaged VPS on the other hand is for those who can manage the server technically. The hosting company provides the physical infrastructure and is responsible only for hardware issues and uptime. They will install the initial server but after that, you as the user will have to take care of software upgrades, maintenance and security. You will have

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to be technically sound about the various latest software and tools for the best possible way of operating a server.

So which service to choose? Ask some questions to yourself: What is your level of technical knowledge of serves and their administration? Which type of applications do you plan to install? What is your budget? Managed hosting is costlier than unmanaged hosting obviously. Make

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a checklist and do a cost benefit analysis. If you want to focus fully on your core business functions, than managed VPS is perfect for you but if you have time for managing your own servers, than go for unmanaged VPS.

What is managed VPS

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Got a business and want to tap into the extensive business potential available on the web? Getting a website is the way to go. But, having your own website comes with its set of responsibilities. One of them is finding a reliable hosting provider and managing the hosting functions. In the recent years VPS or Virtual Private Server has emerged as one of the most viable and optimum hosting options. A cheaper alternative as compared to dedicated hosting, VPS simulates the latter by procuring dedicated resources such as disk space, processor speed and RAM for your website by creating a virtual machine on the host server. This lets you gain complete control over the hosting functions. While, this may sound lucrative, there’s a catch as it also entails quite a bit of responsibility. This is where managed VPS comes in handy.

Managed VPS takes the middle path between shared VPS hosting and dedicated VPS hosting. It provides you with full root access so that you can control the changes your website needs. At the same time, it delegates the more time-consuming, effort-intensive tasks that need proper technical expertise to the VPS hosting provider. The spy phone app task list that you may be able to totally skip includes stuff like installation of any software that you might deem necessary for your website. Upgrading the operating system of your server or applying security patches is another time-consuming task that needs to be done just right. Also included in the list is the very crucial task of monitoring your website’s performance and fighting off any impending bottlenecks and threats. But, if you choose managed VPS, all these tasks are entrusted to the VPS hosting provider.

The advantages of managed VPS are manifold: Server OS installations – The correct installation of the server OS is very important. More important is when you wish to change it midway through a hosting service subscription, because it proves to be quite tough when done from a remote location. This task is handled by experts at the managed VPS hosting provider’s end.

Security updates – A live website is prone to attacks from hackers and security threats. With a managed VPS plan, the hosting provider offers free security and software updates for your server.

Server monitoring – A managed VPS hosting plan almost always comes with proactive server monitoring service that sniffs out potential threats and signs of malicious attacks, mis-configuration or hardware failure.

Server administration happy hours! – Most managed VPS hosting providers provide a set of hours where you can take control of your web server and with the help cell phone spy of the 24×7 support staff

at the hosting providers’ end, carry out tasks, upgrades and updates.

So, the three clear-cut areas why you should opt for managed VPS hosting include administered updates & installation, security and monitoring. If given a proper thought, the amount of effort and time required to accomplish these tasks would be significant and may be beyond your capacity. And in today’s remote phone spy installation world, saving effort invariably translates to saving considerable financials per year. So what are you waiting for, hunt out a reliable managed VPS hosting provider and get yourself a subscription today!